Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Show Something Else Exhibition 2014

Following the success of the 2011 exhibition, Show Something, we presented the sequel; Show Something Else! Our exhibition in June featured the work of a range of people from a variety of disciplines including illustrators, photographers, makers, designers and artists. They're all people we've worked with, studied with, lived with or just randomly met! I co-curated this exhibition with Dave - the other half of Pygmy Cloud and illustrator who produces work under the moniker Hatch.

Artwork by Hatch
We put the exhibition together this year as part of the E17 Art Trail, which is a community lead arts festival featuring an array of open houses, pop up events, exhibitions and performances in north east London. 

Instead of hiring a public venue such as a gallery or cafe, we chose to open up our house to the public. We preferred the casual nature of hosting the exhibition in our home and felt it was a good setting to show off ours and our friend’s work, which quite often doesn’t get a chance to be displayed to the public. I think Paula Van Hagen sums it up well on the E17 Art Trail website when she says “Artists’ Open Houses stand at the heart of the Art Trail and are an enduring and evocative expression of all that is so rewarding about living in a creative community.”

Artwork by Eleanor Percival
We had 17 people showing in total. We asked lots of our artist friends to participate, hoping to get a few pieces to put up - we didn’t anticipate how enthusiastic everyone would be about it! We were given a lot more pieces than we expected, so we spent a fair few hours wandering up and down the flat carrying piles of prints playing artwork Tetris...

Left artwork by Victoria Siddle
Left by Melissa Choong | Right by Oliver King

“Being asked to be involved with the exhibition was such an honour. It is amazing to be involved with other people when you spend lots of time at the desk on your own. It makes you feel more like part of a community.

The work on the walls shows off so many different skills that it is inspiring to meet the people behind them and be a part of that.

Mister Peebles drew the Walthamstoat for the show. He is a lesser known breed residing primarily in the Walthamstow area. Characterised by their habit of wearing printed textiles and bow ties. He seemed a fitting addition to an exhibit on the E17 art trail.

He was made using watercolour pencils and felt pen not so far from his native marshes.”

Artwork by Mister Peebles
Andsmile says:

“I am a big fan of Wes Anderson and adore Bill Murray, no surprise I felt obliged to draw Steve Zissou! Little girls with flowers were inspired by trip to back home and long tea drinking sessions with my mum and longings for spring. I’ve met some crazy squirrels on a walk through Hyde Park and I’ve been following them since, to their walks to friend Fox house and camping trips, I enjoy their company and they seem not to mind me drawing them. :) 

Show Something is the loveliest show I’ve been to recently. A collection of beautiful artwork exhibited on the walls of a super cute home of the Pygmy Cloud duo. There is photography, neatly organised stationery, animals wearing William Morris print shirts, pop culture reference artwork, black and white super detailed graphics and soft grumpy bears. What not to love?!”

Artwork by Andsmile

More information about the artists can be found here:

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Dave aka Hatch creating our sign
Top row Nathan Scott | Bottom row Pygmy Cloud